OUR TEAM: Jamin Eberhart


Jamin Eberhart 
Senior Director

Jamin has been consulting with clients for more than ten years focusing primarily on driving business growth through strategic, operational, and technology alignment. His experience focuses on large scale program management, supply chain innovation, supply chain operations, acquisition integration, product development, and business strategy.

Prior to joining Scimitar, Jamin served as a Director at PwC. Prior to PwC’s acquisition or PRTM, Jamin served as a Principal at PRTM Management Consultants and he has also worked at A.T. Kearney.

Jamin earned his Master of Business Administration from the MIT Sloan School of Management, with a concentration in finance and strategy. He received his Bachelor of Science in computer science from Emory University. Jamin is also Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) by APICS.

Project Experience

  • For a global, $40B+ biopharma company, Jamin led the realization efforts to deploy effective global processes across a wide range of disciplines, including demand-to-supply, source-to-pay, and molecule to product. He also coordinated the global rollout of new processes and capabilities multiple regions and sites. Jamin partnered with the client lead to ensure all realization targets were tracked and met as part of a program management effort.
  • For two multibillion dollar biopharma companies, Jamin led the integration efforts for the combined company’s global clinical supply chain. In this leadership role, he ensured the successful transition to a new supply chain network, organization, processes, systems, and metrics while meeting all synergy savings targets. The integration effort was completed without any negative impacts to patient safety or drug product delivery to clinical sites due to careful coordination amongst all elements of the clinical supply chain and key stakeholders.
  • For a multibillion dollar biotech company integrating with a global pharmaceutical company, Jamin served as the program management lead across 12 teams responsible for successfully integrating manufacturing, which led to over $600 million synergy savings per annum. He also led functional-level strategy development, detailed planning, and execution activities across multiple functions, including the Quality group. The integration was completed successfully, met all major milestones, and was under budget.
  • For a pre-commercial medical device start-up, Jamin defined and implemented a supply chain— including an RFP-based selection of partners—which allowed the company to deliver product to its customers through appropriate distribution channels. These efforts enabled the company to meet an aggressive launch deadline following early FDA approval of the device, while also supporting key marketing, regulatory, and clinical needs.
  • For an international equipment manufacturer, Jamin developed and implemented new forecasting and demand/supply balancing processes—along with the requisite organizational capabilities—to improve manufacturing and supply chain fulfillment capabilities. Jamin’s efforts put the company on the path to increasing forecast accuracy from 31 percent to 65 percent, and on-time delivery from 26 percent to 87 percent.