Often, companies have become simply ineffective. Initiatives do not gain buy-in, or are met with resistance. Companies experience high turnover, confusion, and slow adoption of initiatives. Employees are often keenly aware of this, and cite common concerns. "Our organization suffers poor leadership", "We are completely silo-ed", and worst of all, "Layoffs have been happening slowly and gradually- I can barely focus on work without concerns of losing my job".

Global change management is about a rapid call to action. The speed at which strategy is converted into actions and results is critical in reaching and maintaining a competitive edge. Critically, it is people that set the pace of change; they are the link between ambitions and achievements. 


Our Solutions

Scimitar has implemented countless global change initiatives to success. In doing so, we have developed a comprehensive framework to drive lasting change. This includes:

  • Establishing leadership and support
  • Establishing and communicating clear goals
  • Demonstrating the need for change celebrating successes along the way
  • Managing organizational issues—culture, learning, and skills
  • Managing ongoing operations, unexpected events and risks


Change management is about creating, and building on successes. Successful companies maximize the speed at which initiatives are rolled out, mitigate risks, and create a rewarding, supportive environment in which employees can thrive.

The execution of any thing considerable implies in the first place previous persevering meditation.
— William Godwin

Example Engagement:

Top-3 biopharma Procurement Organization change enforced through Change Management


  • As part of the merger of two large pharmaceutical companies, the company sought to merge and form a single global pharma procurement organization.  Support sought to help transform legacy organizations and deliver against an aspirational goal of $1B in value to the business

Approach & Outcomes

  • Developed strategy and approach for deploying a Change Management Program within the Procurement Organization
  • Developed the Program Management Office  and strengthened project management skills within the Pharma Procurement  organization
  • Performed critical project recovery (CPR) on the in-flight Wave 1 strategic sourcing workstreams
  • Delivered Wave 1 aggregate savings of ~$150-200M run-rate by 2014 (14-17% of spend)
  • Completed organizational design of new  400 person Global Pharma Procurement Organization