Scimitar thrives in managing complex, global challenges to reach demonstrable success. In order to do this, we look beyond typical strategy setting and execution. Instead, we consider how to best empower our clients with the structure and capabilities to ensure long-lasting benefits, and have done so with 100% client satisfaction.  We look beyond implementation to enable realization and sustainment.

Program and project management at a global scale often requires the alignment of hundreds of stakeholders and teams. Problems in each of the following areas often occur:

  1. Governance:
    • The wrong Steering Committee / Sponsorship is identified, often lacking the authority to make the critical decisions and provide proper guidance
    • Micro-management is prevalent
    • Lack cross-functional governance and engagement when necessary
    • Unclear delineation between business vs technical / operational issues
    • Multiple committees and excessive forums
    • Unclear escalation pathways
  2. Teams:
    • Often inadequate time for sufficient planning / post-completion analysis
    • Lack of cross-functional alignment and engagement
    • Lack of recognizing cross-functional impacts
    • Project managers that function in administrative roles, rather than helping drive the initiative or constructively challenging assumptions
  3. Structured Processes:
    • Unclear which processes exist and how they are being utilized (e.g., tech transfer processes)
    • Different approaches by site instead of a harmonized approach that allows for site-specific variations as appropriate
    • Lack of clear guidelines
    • Lack of structured processes for managing resources
  4. Pipeline and Resource Allocation:

    • Competing for resources without an understanding of what resources are needed to achieve key objectives
    • Inconsistent cross-project management
    • Capital investments consider single projects
    • Few projects, if any, are not pursued


Our Solutions

Scimitar works to rapidly define an effective team structure, identify proper sponsorship, establish processes, and use proven tools to ensure successful project outcomes. We incorporate a combination of best practice solutions designed to be:

  • Effective - Ensure pipeline and resource management efforts make the "tough calls", and yield effective, productive outcomes
  • Clear - Define project activities, deliverables, and communication plan with prioritized stakeholders and key messages. This is critical to engage sponsors, project teams, and stakeholders in the change management associated with complex program and projects
  • Scalable - Ensure Steering Committees plays a strong role with defined levels of sponsorship, delegating tactical project governance and decision-making where necessary

Example Engagement:

Top-3 Global Vaccine manufacturer required PM support during H1N1 vaccine production


A global vaccine manufacturer required Global Program leadership, in order to support emergency pandemic vaccine production. An 18-month project therefore was required to be completed in under 6 months, and project management activities were required to be 'up-leveled' in order to achieve these aggressive targets.

Approach & Outcomes

A rapid diagnostic of the corporate capabilities was conducted, where over 75 stakeholders were interviewed, and surveys/ workshops identified 15 distinct proposed improvement opportunities. These included:

  • An enhanced and rapidly deployed vaccine demand forecasting and supply planning assessment
  • A formal separation between Tech Ops oversight body and Tactical SWAT team
  • The development of a customized project management handbook and focused training sessions
  • A clear, effective issue escalation pathway, designed to manage multiple contingencies

Ultimately, each solution was rapidly deployed, and appropriate training was conducted. Solution roll-out proved highly effective, shaving 1.5 months from the aggressive global timelines, guaranteeing our client an estimated $35M in production demand that would have otherwise been unattainable.