Example Engagement

Top-3 Bio-pharmaceutical company business process optimization

Our client sought to drive significant value across the business by integrating accountability for end-to-end business process delivery within the current supply-chain functional organizations. The overarching objective was to realize Business Process Excellence through the combination of Business Process Management and Operational Excellence to achieve planned predictable performance with an engrained mindset of continuous improvement.

Scimitar coordinated the deployment of the BPE strategy, approach, key frameworks, tools, and standards across operating units and global functions. Key results included the design a new process model governance structure, driving a pain point-based BPE rollout strategy focused on improving reliability, and developing a roadmap for implementing and ultimately realizing BPE over a long-term multi-year view with distinct phases.

  • Deployed key elements of the Manage BPE process to enable critical reliability efforts.
  • Worked closely with the BPE leadership team to maintain the momentum while ensuring effective coordination with related strategic initiatives.