Tangible Opportunities have Emerged...

Having founded two  digital and big-data firms, Scimitar leadership have been at the fore-front of digital health data adoption.

Big data translates to ‘big hype’ for many firms. However, with over 6 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, and over 400 million tweets per day, several bio-pharmaceutical companies have generated tangible insights and benefits from the selective adoption of such platforms. For example....

  • Target and customer data expansion – Sales Operations have increased the volumes of target data 10-fold, and have shifted to cloud based data platforms for more granular and valuable data (e.g. Hadoop).
  • Enhanced prioritization – Using a series of attributes, target mapping, influence mapping and understanding of competitive product positioning can be performed effectively. Often, enhanced by service providers (e.g. Klout).
  • Real-time editing of customer master data – Cloud-based platforms can now offer seamless data integration, allowing field-level observations to be captured, stored and analyzed instantly.
  • Detailed sentiment analysis – Data platforms like DataXu, DataSift, and Crimson Hexagon offer insights into the success of product marketing campaigns, and patient feedback loops.


Developing a Data Management Process

Scimitar transforms data into action. Our team has deployed several robust end-to-end data management platforms from data acquisition to analysis and feedback.