OUR TEAM: Amit Bhatia


Amit Bhatia

Amit brings over 12 years of experience in biopharmaceutical companies driving operational transformations. Amit has had successful engagements in post-merger integration, R&D operational transformation, commercial portfolio management and market research, and healthcare compliance.

Before joining Scimitar, Amit served as Vice-President of Finance and Operations at the California Institute for Biomedical Research. His prior experience included Merck & Co. as a Director of Finance Operations and Director of Portfolio Management where he had a leadership role in the Merck – Schering-Plough strategic and functional R&D integration efforts. Prior to joining Merck, Amit spent several years as a management consultant to the biopharma industry at PRTM and PwC.

Project Experience

  • Post-Merger Integration: For two multibillion dollar biopharma companies, Amit led the integration efforts for the combined company’s research assets. In this leadership role, he ensured the successful transition to a new R&D network, organization, processes, systems, and metrics while meeting all synergy savings targets. His efforts led to an optimized network, outsourcing of non-core activities, capital asset re-alignment, etc. resulting in a 30% cost savings.
  • Post-Merger Integration: For a Multibillion Dollar BioPharma, Integration of the Compliance Program with the Company’s Newly Acquired Subsidiary. Implemented a compliance program with cross-functional stakeholders in Commercial, Medical and Scientific Affairs, and R&D with a team from Compliance, Legal, and Regulatory.
  • R&D Project and Portfolio Execution: For a mid-sized biopharma company, Amit designed and implemented a cross-functional R&D Program Execution Initiative where he worked with the organization to enable a cross functional and team-based approach to executing projects in a consistent manner. This included designing and enabling their Project and Portfolio Management Committee, developing a staged gate approach, and consistency across project management’s timelines and milestones, having a standard team structure at different stages of research, development, and commercial, and implementing a project, resource, and portfolio management tool (EPM).
  • Corporate Restructuring: For a small biotech company, Amit assisted in the cost reduction and restructuring of the organization to conserve cash and sustain the organization. Supported CEO and CFO’s efforts for a rapid cost reduction plan focused on reductions-in-force, alignment on critical clinical studies, and helping the organization spinout business units and raise additional capital.
  • Private Equity Carve Out: For a large medical device and pharmaceutical company, Amit managed the carve out of a set of their blood related products by a private equity firm. In their purchase of this product division, the scope of the transition included project and portfolio transition, regulatory transition of products to new entity, new organizational governance and strategy, etc.
  • Clinical Externalization Strategy: At several mid-sized and small biopharma companies, Amit developed and enabled an externalization strategy for the Clinical Operations, Biostats / DM, Preclinical, Clinical Development, etc. organizations. Prioritized core vs. context activities across the organization, worked with PMs to define joint development team’s structure / charter / membership, team’s meeting cadence and escalation pathway, developed a CMO Playbook for the CRMs and PMs to leverage for execution of clinical studies including SIPOCs for each activity with templates, process maps, RACI’s, etc. as needed. Each company had a playbook for staff for a consistent approach to the execution of projects.
  • Healthcare Compliance Program Implementation: For several large and small biopharma companies, Amit implemented healthcare compliance programs aligned with the OIG’s Corporate Integrity Agreement. Designed and implemented the Compliance Department’s organizational design structure, Compliance Committee, general and role-based content (e.g., SOPs, training modules) for Commercial / Scientific Affairs / Development organizations aligned to compliance best practices, and processes and systems for compliance-specific controls.
  • Business Planning and Budget Process: For a mid-sized biotech, Amit established and redesigned a business planning and budget process by working with CFO and the finance team. Established the organization’s objectives and developed the top-down guidance for functional areas, which enabled the organization to develop a budget in-line with the corporate objectives. The company went from 5-7 rounds of budget reviews to two rounds to finalize the budget in Hyperion.
  • Data Integration and Forecasting Across Distinct Platforms and Data Sets: For a small medical device company, Amit integrated Salesforce.com and their ERP Financial Data by developing a tool to integrate the data and information in the company’s financial systems and in Salesforce.com to allow the company to better forecast sales, analyze and predict seasonal spikes, and manage inventory.